Professionalisation is at the heart of the school’s approach: close links with companies, prime trainers from the […], Established in 2002, IDPCES BREST is a private institute offering programmes to prepare for competitive entrance examinations as well as higher studies and which is based in Brest (France). Thanks to a network of […], CFAP is a work-study professional training centre located in Toulouse (France). It offers programmes ranging from 2 years post-high school studies to master’s degrees, through initial training or work-study programmes, which are specialised in commerce, administration, marketing and human resources. It offers qualifying study programmes in IT, management, human resources, administration and building, which are tailored to the needs and expectations of the job market and companies. All courses are tailored to the current and future needs of the job market. The goal of the academic approach of IHE Paris is its students’ employability. It seeks to contribute towards training an elite that is capable of supporting the development of the country, and the continent in general. The institution has established a solid reputation in the tourism sector, and its expertise is recognised by employers and professionals. Such versatility allows […], BSM PRO is a private higher educational institution located in Puget Sur Argens, France. By favouring work-study programmes, the school prepares students to quickly integrate the […], FORMASUP CAMPUS is situated in the centre of Bordeaux. The institution has a strong reputation in the west of France and is driven by an ambition to develop sandwich training in Britany. A modern, forward-looking institution, the AMA offers French state qualifications such as the CAP and Mention Complémentaire, but also less traditional offerings such as marketing, gemmology, technology, arts-based intellectual property […], CIL Accès Métiers aims to: • nurture close relations with businesses and their staff or future staff in training • meet punctual or recurrent training, recruitment, consulting and advisory needs. The teaching staff comprises about twenty experienced professionals, who are passionate and committed to the success of the students. The Federation for EDucation in Europe/Fédération Européenne des Ecoles (FEDE) is a network of almost 500 private higher and vocational educational institutions with a shared project based on educational rigour, quality and the determination to put students at the centre of the learning process. Students benefit from close supervision by a team of expert instructors, all with training and experience in the animal sector. FEDE - Federation for EDucation in Europe. eMail . Faire grandir ensemble les familles et les Maisons participent à l'éducation des jeunes. The institution offers both high-quality degree-granting programmes and ongoing training to meet the needs of practising professionals. It offers courses from Bac+2, Bac+3 to Bac+5 in Management, Finance, Marketing, Business Management, Communication, Human Resources, Digital Marketing, Web Journaling and Mobile/Web Application Development. […], Sup’IPGV was created in 1985 in the south of France. ENC Communication offers student-centric programmes that combine academic and pedagogical quality. It offers programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in management, human resources and education. Institut Rural d'Education et d'Orientation du Pas-de-Calais présente son établissement et ses formations sur ONE willingly […], Omnis, an advanced institute of business and management based in Strasbourg (France), is recognised by the State (Official Gazette no. MFR de Rollancourt Founded 50 years ago, the Maison Familiale Rurale de Rollancourt offers educational programmes from secondary to master’s level for adolescents and young adults. Registered with the Dijon Board of Education, it has been the leading science-based naturopathy training centre in France for 15 years. Paul Thienpont est sur Facebook. The pedagogical methods promote student participation via professional immersion, case studies, research, summary projects and communication, while alternating between acquisition of theoretical knowledge […], The Académie de Vitalopathie is a higher education institution of excellence in the field of naturopathy. Indeed, the institution’s teaching modules […], IFSC, the Catalan Sports Training Institute, is a private higher education institution based in Perpignan (France). IETP relies on a teaching […], Based in Metz, France, the Institut Français des Affaires (IFA) is a private higher educational institution founded in 1986. Alexa world traffic rank is 628,885 and Alexa France rank is 21,298.Page speed score of 92 out of 100. It is based in Lausanne (the Swiss Olympic City). It offers programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in fields such as marketing, communication, human resources and administration, as well as preparatory classes for the health and social services sector. It offers qualifying programmes up to master’s degrees in IT, logistics and management, which meet students’ expectations and economic stakeholders’ needs alike. Owing to rigorous academic programmes, structured living conditions, practical education and a genuine school spirit, ISTH seeks to prepare future executives for an ambitious and professional career. They offer courses that are tailored to the needs of companies. School. The institution is based in Nantes (France). With […], ESCB (Ecole Supérieure Cours Bufflier), an advanced learning institute located at the heart of Papeete (French Polynesia), offers training in the tertiary sector through state diplomas (BTS), FEDE European diplomas and continuing education courses in the fields of accounting, administration and management. Through the pedagogy of work-study, it associates professionals with the curriculum of its students… a factor of success…. Business Service. The School has initiated a number of collaborations with agencies and with private institutional universities as Scuola Universitaria S.S.M.L. With comprehensive, professional courses, both practical and theoretical, the school is committed to developing its students’ creativity, technical skills and to promoting exchanges with the professional world. The Institut Européen de Formation is a private higher education institution located in Strasbourg (France). Thanks to a faculty comprised of highly […], Horizons University is a private higher education institution based in Paris (France). It offers 4-year training courses in the fields of video games and 3D animation movie. ISEQ programmes address the emerging stakes of the work place and companies’ needs. Endowed with an innovative educational approach, the Académie de Vitalopathie provides quality training thanks to a faculty made […], Founded in 2011, the Académie des Métiers d’Art [Academy for arts-based professions] is a private higher educational institution belonging to the Engagement & Enterprise Group. MFR Location de salles Lycées agricoles privés Apprentissage Formation professionnelle Formation continue Collèges, lycées avec internat Gîtes Maisons familiales rurales : adresse, photos, retrouvez les coordonnées et informations sur le professionne ; Certificat de Spécialisation Arborite - Élagueur. It seeks to contribute towards training an elite that is capable of supporting the development of the country, and the continent in general. We are the leader in France for programs in sales and commercial negotiation from undergraduate to postgraduate levels, with national titles and official titles registered in the French National Directory for Professional Certifications. The Institut Diplomatique de Paris is an independent private higher education, research and innovation institution dedicated to the diplomatic and world affairs professions around the world. Founded in 2008, ICH specialises in hospitality and management. The institution’s two-year training course is taught both by teachers and practitioners in medicine and psychoanalysis. IPIF POLYTECHNIQUE offers diploma courses and certificates (national and international) on a work-study basis in order to acquire skills for current and future professions by putting into practice its […], IRTH, the Regional Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, is a private professional training institution based in Agadir (Morocco) that is specialised in tourism, hospitality, restaurant business and commerce. Centre équestre des Etangs des Moines, Centre équestre des Etangs des Moines (59) Fournies (1034) - Centre équestre des Etangs des Moines - 836 This institution, which is based in Villeurbanne (France), offers initial training courses and work-study programmes in the fields of applied arts, IT and civil engineering. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. GPEI is a training centre specialised in work study since 1999, in the fields of marketing, management and administration management. ESVE equips future managers or company founders with transferable skills, great analytical abilities and cutting-edge knowledge of management and negotiation techniques. The institute positions professionnalisation at the heart of its pedagogical approach by allowing […], IDDTL is the first training centre accredited by the Moroccan State that is specialised in the fields of customs, transport and logistics. They offer courses that are tailored to the needs of companies. To this effect, the institution moulds operational […], The Institut d’Enseignement Supérieur par Alternance is a private institution founded in 1986. The institution offers degree-granting initial educational programmes from post-secondary to master’s level in marketing, tourism, management, human resources and IT. A leader in the arts and […], Founded in Montpellier in 1989 and present in Lyon, Toulouse, Paris, Béziers (France), the Studio M schools are specialised in the fields of applied arts, photography, video games and audiovisual studies. OBTENTION de l’EXAMEN. The institution attaches great importance to students’ skills, helping them to become autonomous learners and professionals. Personalised follow-up and individualised support of students are at the heart […], Communication, Commerce, Management, Sustainable It is the ideal school to start training in Journalism (BAC +3), Business (BAC +3), Management / Sustainable Development (BAC +3) and Human Ressources management (BAC +3) Alfae is agile. Councelling courses help learners acquire the concrete tools, […], Cours Animalia is a private distance-learning institution specialised in training for animal-based professions (breeding, selling and animal care). To this end, the institution offers courses (initial, work-study or continuing) ranging from high school, undergraduate and graduate courses in various fields: administrative, commerce, accounting/administration, design and tourism. The institution offers sandwich courses ranging from secondary (French baccalaureate) to postsecondary (bachelor’s) level in the tertiary sector: accounting, administration, trade, management, human resources, marketing, communications etc. The Mennaisien Campus offers infrastructure adapted to advanced professional courses: special buildings, rooms and facilities, equipment dedicated to specialised computer training (statistics, Computer-Aided Manufacturing, internet, etc.) As a small-scale institution, the school offers individualised support for its students, especially during company placements. A […], ETPEP, the Private Technical School of Aesthetics and Perfumery, offers training for careers in hairstyling, aesthetics and well-being. The Institut Diplomatique de Paris is a pioneering institution, renowned and a reference […], IEC Pau is a private higher education and professional training institution based in Pau (France). The institution […], ESCA Ecole Supérieure de Commerce d’Annecy ( Groupe WES’SUP) is a business and management school offering courses ranging from BTS (Bac+2) to MBA (Bac+5) in several fields such as marketing, international trade, communication, human resources, finance/banking or management and corporate strategy. Its primary goal is to […], IBEM, the Institute of Business Enterprise & Management, is a professional training institution based in Fez (Morocco). ... MFR Rollancourt. Groupe Médicis offers excellent theoretical training as well as practical training through its work-study programmes. ES2C offers BTS […], Since 1998, ESARC STUDAIR, a school located in Rabat (Morocco), has been offering training for careers in aeronautics, tourism, hospitality and commerce. It offers initial education from high school studies to master’s degrees, continuing education and preparatory classes for competitive examinations in the education sector. In order to ensure […], Corot Formations is a training centre through apprenticeship or professional training contracts that is located in Marseille (France) and is specialised in sectors such as restaurant business, sales, commerce and management/customer relations. The EFET group has institutions in all of Morocco’s main cities and provides training to thousands of future business managers in various sectors. Employability is at the core of the pedagogical approach of IECF. The pedagogical approach of Formapro Alternance is based on individualised supervision and professionalisation. – aspiring to build an ambitious, internationally oriented career. La MFR de Anse est un établissement scolaire de formation par alternance : 4e/3e d'orientation, bac pro.. utes d'Angers, la MFR La Meignanne propose un rythme d'alternance qui permet aux apprenants d'intégrer le marché du travail progressivement. The institution presents a distinct pedagogical approach hinged on the following values: – Proximity with the professional environment through its network of partner companies which consistently offer students internship offers, professional training contracts and employment […], Created in 1997 and located in the Lyon area (France), the Ecole Hôtelière du Lyonnais offers training for careers in the restaurant business, service industry, accommodation and tourism sectors. OTC explores the strengths and possibilities of information and communication technologies and offers numerous online programmes. Merz Schule distinguishes itself by its original training methods, based on the personal growth of the pupils who benefit from individual tutoring throughout their schooling In the […], Founded 50 years ago, the Maison Familiale Rurale de Rollancourt offers educational programmes from secondary to master’s level for adolescents and young adults. In order to give its students an international vision, EPIM has established partnerships with overseas institutions such as IUT Henri Poincaré, Longwy, France. Students are closely supervised and helped to find employment at the end of their studies. The school also […], Created in 2006, ESCT – Advanced Institute of Works Management – is a private professional training institution specialised in the construction industry, and is based in Montreuil (France). Established in Switzerland since 1986, ESM offers 100% Francophone instruction in which pragmatism takes precedence over academia, with courses in the […], Accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Ministry for Labour and Professional Training, the ESMS (l’Ecole Supérieure de Management Stratégique) also enjoys the institutional accreditation of the National Authority for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ANAQ-SUP) and is a member of the FEDE (Federation for EDucation in Europe). All our courses, as our bac + 2, bachelors and masters delivering diplomas recognized in France. The courses offered enable each individual to develop new skills at their own pace, […], ESQM is the first Moroccan school that is specialised in quality and metrology. The institution is also a Technical and Professional Training Establishment, accredited by a decree of the Ministry for Labour and Technical Professional Training. The Group continues to serve as a benchmark in Morocco in terms of professional training in sectors such as Information Technology, Administration & Finance, Transport & Logistics and Communication. The Haute […], HEC Abidjan, an advanced business studies institute, is a private higher education institution and business school that was created in 2001 and is located in Abidjan (Ivory Coast). It offers programmes specialised in new technologies ranging from high school courses to master’s degrees. As such, the school offers custom-made […], IGMA School Group was founded in 1994 and offers courses in the fields of information technology, administration and tourism. Avec la location de camions pour le transport des chevaux, camion pour transporter 2 chevaux, et que l'on peut conduire avec le permis B. The pedagogical approach of HECGI enables students to endow themselves with the operational skills required to take up leadership roles. It offers bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, and diverse continued education options that are 100% in English, and is committed to using innovative learning methods and new technologies. Recognised by professionals and recruiters, the diplomas are a guarantee of quality education, innovative pedagogy and international prospects. Quality instruction and student supervision are at the heart of ESCM’s pedagogical approach. The school is keen on providing quality education that is exposed to Europe and the […], Altéa Formation, a private higher education institution located in Bordeaux (France), offers courses ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees in various fields: secretarial studies, commerce, management, e-commerce, marketing, human resources, etc. The institution works with professionals wishing to develop or update their existing skills or acquire new skills so as to strengthen their professional profiles or make a career change. Propose également des formations scolaires pour le Bac professionnel CGEA, BTSA ACSE, BTS Ma Owing to innovative pedagogy, the learner is at the heart of the teaching and learning approach. It offers high-quality programmes available both full time and as part-time sandwich courses. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Its programmes cover a range of photography careers including photojournalism and studio photography. The higher education course will be complemented by a university degree and a master’s degree from 2019 and 2020 onwards. IGMA School Group stands out by its original pedagogical approach: a skill-based approach based on implementing projects in small groups and consistent guidance from the permanent faculty members, as well as professional speakers who are experts […], IHE Paris, the Institute of Advanced Studies, is a private higher education institution based in Paris (France). The institution also offers courses in beauty (hairdressing and makeup) and preparatory courses for French state paramedical, health and social examinations (specialised […], For more than 20 years ES2C (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, de Communication et de Gestion), located in Limoges, France, has been giving its students the skills and experience needed to ensure a successful career. To train the next generation of managers – those who are ready to face new challenges head-on and have a […], Founded in 2008, IKI Group offers programmes in the fields of administration, management and commerce. It offers many initial and continuing education programmes in marketing, finance, IT, administration and commerce. Une seule MFR propose le titre professionnel soigneur animalier en parc zoologique. Courses at IFGIA develop the technological, commercial and entrepreneurial knowledge of its students. On the one hand, the faculty is […], Sorry, this entry is only available in French. The IMC […], IMC is a higher education institution that offers programmes in the fields of Management and Communication, among others. It offers courses in management, human resources administration, IT, finance and communication. The institution’s range of full-time and sandwich programmes ensure ETS graduates are fully equipped to meet […], Euridis is a business school specializing in training for the commerce and complex sales professions and Digital Business (Digital Marketing). It is a major educational actor in tertiary training in Lorraine, France. It offers diplomas ranging from 2 years post-high school diplomas to master’s degrees, through work-study programmes or initial training. Rather than relying on traditional teaching methods, students are offered guidance in setting their own career objectives. School. The priority of CESA Sup is to enable its students to thrive […], For almost 25 years now, COGEFI group, a training institution based in Ile-de-France, has been offering programmes in the fields of Management, Human Resources, Marketing and Finance. The school moulds professionals of a high academic level who are operational, innovative and exposed […], Since 1993, Groupe GEFOR, a European Training Group, has been training efficient and recognised professionals, while applying continuous efforts to adapt to company demands, so that a programme effectively prepares one to succeed in exams and integrating the job market. Elytis has designed educational programmes that allow students to acquire knowledge, know-how and interpersonal […], Created in 1999, EMEP – the Practical Electronics School of Morocco – is a professional training institution based in Casablanca (Morocco) that is accredited by the State of Morocco. INEAD is keen on offering rigorous quality training in order to facilitate the professional […], Created in 1992, Info House Morocco is a private education institution based in Fez (Morocco). It trains future webmasters, multimedia developers, maintenance and computer networks technicians, Microsoft (MCSE) systems engineers and offers courses in human resources and company administration. The school trains students and working professionals or professionals seeking to switch careers, through work-study programmes and initial training, on-site or through e-learning and offers solutions tailored […], Higher educational institution accredited by the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation. Voir le profil de Patricia BONBON sur LinkedIn, le plus grand réseau professionnel mondial. The School of Management and Computer Sciences is committed to training qualified profiles, with technical skills, able to work […], The ENAAI is a private higher and technical educational institution that provides training in numerous artistic domains. This higher education institution is keen on implementing a pedagogical approach centred on individual mentorship of the students, consistent rigorousness and innovation of the learning experience and efficiency in terms of […], Intérieur Déco is an interior decoration and design school that was created in 2007. This school has trained thousands of students in the south of France in work-study programs in management and business administration. Students of EHC acquire practical knowledge tailored to the profession, making them […]. Établissement spécialisé dans la formation initiale et des formations alternées spéciales dans les technologies de système de production. Hepro, an advanced professional studies school located in Casablanca (Morocco), provides training for careers in administration, management, accounting, international commerce and IT. Founded in 1982, the school has grown both within France and internationally and currently has around a thousand students from over fifty different countries. Education. The pedagogical approach of the school is based on the professional training of […], CPEA, a higher education and technical school based in the Parisian region (France), offers courses through initial education and work-study programmes, with diplomas ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees in various fields: commerce, marketing and communication; accounting and management; administration and human resources; law and notary services; IT and information systems. It is part of the Notre-Dame Saint-Joseph educational complex, which provides secondary to post-secondary education. Mfr saone et loire Formations par alternance : MFR Mazill . 50 % CONTRÔLE CONTINU (CCF) 50 % EPREUVES TERMINALES : CONDITIONS d’ADMISSION L’admission se fait après une Seconde «Productions» ou sur décision dérogatoire de la DRAAF, les titulaires d’un niveau 3 d’une autre spécialité ou les élèves issus d’une classe de 1ère ou de 2nde générale ou technologique. ISM Advancea offers vocational and academic programmes targeting the national and international labour markets. ITIC offers specialised higher educational courses ranging from school-leaving to master’s level. Koréva Formation is a distance-learning institution, specialised in beauty and well-being. Its pedagogical approach aims to enable its pupils to acquire a solid knowledge base, as well as to become autonomous and be fulfilled during their academic programme. The institution places students at the heart of its educational approach, which rests on three pillars: pedagogical innovation through regular supervision and personalised support, international exposure with partnerships abroad […], Saint-Dominique training centre is the higher education entity of the Saint-Dominique Institute located in Pau (France). It is the first private Moroccan school that is specialised in customs professional training. It offers diplomas ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees in maintenance of computer, electronic and automatic systems, as well as specific programmes to […], EMPSI is a place of teaching and sharing located in Casablanca. 0231216848 - Fax 0231210870 - eMail The pedagogical approach of ESTC is based on five fundamental values: autonomy, action, commitment, adaptability […], ESTUDIA, the Advanced Institute of Administration & Certified Accounting located in Strasbourg (France), offers courses ranging from high school studies to masters programmes in the fields of accounting, administration, finance, human resources and marketing. The school provides its students with rigorous, quality programmes that match company needs, and which adhere to the standards and demands of the Grandes Ecoles (advanced institutes) […], HECGI is an advanced institute of business, administration and IT that is based in Kenitra (Morocco).  The school trains students for careers in finance, logistics, IT, management and human resources. A leader in the arts and media education, Studio M is now a […], Founded in Montpellier in 1989 and present in Lyon, Toulouse, Paris (France), the Studio M schools are specialised in the fields of applied arts, photography, video games and audiovisual studies. In addition to its training programme designed to meet the needs of the Fashion and Luxury market, our school has developed a […]. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. AIC provides high academic standards both in languages and in sciences, and makes sure its students are admitted to the […], As the number one private school of Art in France (outside Paris), Bellecour Ecole offers the widest and most coherent range of training in creative fields – Design, Media and Entertainment (Animation and Game).